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The best

Shelly and Bella are two of my favorite podcasters always great info and knowledge and all ways funny and a good times 5 out of 5 five stars for them keep it up oh and don’t forget Tom

Bringing the weird and wacky to your ears

Shelly and Bella bring the interesting, unusual and paranormal stories you seek out every week. Their fun and entertaining approach makes you want to come back every single week. With the addition of smaller segments from the reminiscent of the old days to ufos and paranormal, this podcast packs a …

Love this duo!

I found this podcast via Jim Harold’s Campfire podcast. Shelly called in to The Campfire to tell the story of how he and his wife, Bella, met. I really found the story interesting and Shelly captivating as a storyteller. So, at the end of the show segment when he shared that he and Bella are the co…

Shelly and Bella are Fun

The content is weird and wacky, but the chemistry between Shelly and Bella is wonderful. A very enjoyable podcast talking about the crazy news from the real headlines each day. It's like listening to two friends shooting the breeze about the things you're sure to be talking about with your own frie…

Weird, wacky and well worth my time. Great fun!

I drive a lot. If a podcast can’t keep my attention then I won’t make it through more than one episode. I listened for 3 hours! The host are very fun and for a wife & husband team to play off of each other is rare. Topics/Stories on the show are interesting and unique. Keep it up!

Fun and freewheeling

If you’d enjoy listening to a couple of pleasant, corny, and funny people talk about random weird stuff, this has got it. Entertaining and refreshingly earnest. Medical weirdness. Aliens. Coincidences. People’s stories of weird things. Don’t know of many other podcasts like it that aren’t overly dr…