May 31, 2020

EP78 Bulletproof Boobies

EP78 Bulletproof Boobies

This week Shelly and Bella discuss more weird news including drive thru strip joints and bulletproof boobies.

They then hand over to UFO researcher Richard Lennie for his report on recent news within the UFO community. Followed by Author Ruth Roper Wilde for her Paranormal Report.

Show notes from Shelly and Bella

Drive Thru Strip Club

Bulletproof Breast Implants

Lockdown in a ghost town

Speeding Driver breaks rules to save £1 on Bread

Sexist Images from Malaysian Govt

Empty Comedy Club in Liverpool raided by police

Show notes from Richard Lennie

Comet Atlas   

U.F.O's playing tag   

''Ultimate Proof''  My fb page  

Show notes from Ruth Roper Wylde

Lincolnshire Live - Retford Ghost Hunters