Your Weird Wacky Wonderful hosts


I am a man in my mid 40’s and I work in the IT industry and travel the country teaching staff how to use software applications. I have been fascinated with anything unexplained ever since I can remember. I’ve had a few experiences, one of which has been a message from the other side (we tell the story in episode 1) and some a little more scary.

I believe there must be something else to this life, I am one man in a town of 14,000, in a country of 65,000,000 people in a world of 7,700,000,000. And we live on a planet which is only one of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 in the universe. How many universes are there? There has to be more than we know or understand, right?

I wanted to start the podcast to spend more time with Bella doing something that we both enjoy. Currently we are not earning any money from the podcast and in actual fact it is costing us a fortune. One thing that makes up for the ever shrinking pocket is that every so often we get a message from a listener which makes us smile, it is crazy to think that while we are in our little house in South Wales (UK) people on the other side of the planet are listening to our ramblings.

I am really humbled at how far and how fast the podcast has grown and by our guests who know a lot more about the topics than we ever could.

We have some really interesting ideas and plans for the coming months so stay with us, and please tell your friends. ;)


How I found myself to be co-hosting The Weird Wacky Wonderful Stories Podcast which is listened to by thousands of people all over the world, is one of life's little mysteries. All I wanted to do was to start doing a podcast about interesting things I heard about or read about. Shelly came home from work one evening and I said "I want to do a podcast but I don't know how to do it".

 He asked me what I wanted the podcast to be about and I told him my idea. Then he asked if he could do it with me. I thought it would be a really cool thing for us to do to spend time together, and our podcast began to take shape. Believe me when I say that he is the driving force behind our show. The Weird Wacky Wonderful Stories Podcast was initially my idea, but before I knew it, I was along for the ride. The "Bonnie to his Clyde", the ever present sidekick, the yang to his yin.

 We have changed from our first show to where we are now. We went from thinking up a topic and talking about it, to asking our listeners to send us stories, to interviews with our very interesting guests. Although we seem to focus more on the paranormal, we both love all sorts of stories.  

 We really are listener driven, so if you have an idea you'd like us to explore, a guest you would like to hear us talk to, or if you want to be a guest yourself, please get in touch. Who knows where we will end up next? Your guess is as good as ours!

 I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to each and every one of our listeners. We truly couldn't do this without you. Now you know how a husband and a wife became podcasters. We told you our story, so now tell us yours.

 Stay weird wacky and wonderful...


I’m a sixth former (that means I’m in my last two years of high school, for anyone outside of the UK), Shelly and Bella’s son, and I help to edit the podcast so that it’s ready for all of you wonderful listeners to hear.

Some really interesting topics come up on the show and I encourage you to listen to the entire catalogue available (that is, if you haven’t already! In which case, you should do it again!).

I hope you’ll stick with us as we expand and get even better!