EP41 It’s all about Christmas


On this episode we talk about the history and traditions around Christmas, and some you might not know……..

EP40 Weird Sh…


We discuss weird Jobs, world records and more, but you know we can never leave it there. Bella has to take it a little too far,,,,,,as usual!! lol


EP39 Mark Rees: Ghosts of Wales

Ghosts of Wales.jpg

This episode we talk to Mark Rees about his book "Ghosts Of Wales - Accounts From The Victorian Archives" and learn about the differences between the way such incidents were reported in the Victorian era. We even hear about the real life Scooby Doo!!

To find out more about Mark Ress and his book visit www.markreesonline.com/

EP38 Stephen Spignesi: The Big Book of UFO Facts, Figures and Truth


This episode Shelly and Bella talk to author Stephen Spignesi about his book "The big book of ufo facts figures and truth."

Book available on pre-order now on Amazon

EP37 Halloween’s Celtic Origins

Witch House.jpg

This week we discuss how Halloween has developed into what we celebrate today. Be careful what you might learn about a Witches Cauldron…..Urgh!



This week we talk to the fantastic Marie D Jones about Alien Abductions, UFO's Men In Black, FEMA Camps and much more.

To find out more about Marie D Jones and her books please follow the link below.

EP35 Craig Durham: The Day I Met Bigfoot

The Day I Met Bigfoot.jpg

This episode talk with the Author of The Day I Met Bigfoot, Craig Durham.

You can get the book from Amazon using the link www.amazon.com/Day-I-Met-Bigfoot…day+i+met+bigfoot

EP34 Ghost Hunters Must Listen!!

ghosts of marston vale.jpg

This Episode we talk to Ruth Roper Wylde about her books and the investigations she has conducted into hauntings.

The Ghosts of Marston Vale:

The Almanac of British Ghosts

To Connect with Ruth on twitter follow this link

EP33 Haunted Lamps and Hotels


This episode we talk to Kelly "The Paranormal Housewife" who runs a blog about her relationships with the ghosts she lives with and more. We also talk to Andrew Beneze about an experience he had in the famous Baker Hotel. See the links below to learn more about their stories.

Paranormal Housewife Blog: 

Video Essay by Andrew Beneze on the Baker Hotel:

EP32 Lionel Fanthorpe


This episode we talk to Reverend, Author, TV and Radio Presenter, and Investigator of Mysteries Lionel Fanthorpe. We discuss time travel, coffins that move by themselves and lots more.

The Black Lion, The Golden Tiger and Zotala the Priest are all available via Amazon and Ebay.

EP31 Near Death Experiences


This week we talk about Near Death Experiences (NDE’s)


EP30 Interview with S.P.U.N Paranormal Research Group


This week Shelly and Bella interview S.P.U.N Paranormal Research Group

Website: www.spun.org.uk
Twitter: @Spunparanormal
Instagram: spunparanormal
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SPUN-Paranormal-Group

EP29 Alien Implants

EP28 Celebrity Ghost Alien Sex

EP27 Changelings and new Black Eyed Kids Story


This week Shelly and Bella talk about Changelings and have a story of Black Eyed Kids that has been sent in from a listener.


EP26 Lucid Dreaming

EP25 Vampires

EP24 Superstitions

EP23 Haunted Objects

EP22 Shadow People

EP21 Tarot + Free Tarot Reading Giveaway


This week Bella is accompanied by Bryce as Shelly is stranded on the isle of Jersey due to snow.
They discuss the history of Tarot, Bryce gets a reading and we offer free Tarot readings for 5 lucky winners.


EP20 Your Spooky Stories


This week Shelly and Bella share some stories from their listeners including a ufo encounter, a possession and a modern day witch who may or may not have used her powers to exact revenge.


EP19 Poltergeist


This week Shelly and Bella discuss Poltergeists like the Enfield Haunting and much more.


EP18 Spontaneous Human Combustion

EP17 The Ouija Board

EP16 The Roswell Incident


This week Shelly and Bella discuss the Roswell Incident and newspapers articles of the time.



EP15 Ghost Sex