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EP61 Funtime With Bellas Sisters

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This week Shelly and Bella discuss weird recent news topics, announce the winner of the signed copy of Nick Tylers book "Haunted Yorkshire" and at the end of the show totally lose control.

EP60 Celebrity Ghosts with Marie D Jones

Celebrity Ghosts_.jpg

This Episode Shelly and Bella talk to Best Selling Author Marie D Jones about her latest book "Celebrity Ghosts and Notorious Hauntings".

You can buy the book in all the usual places see below a link for amazon and also check out more about her via her website…s=gateway&sr=8-1

EP59 Serial Killers

Serial Killer.jpg

This Episode Shelly, Bella and Bryce discuss serial killers. This is a little break from the norm but we thought that some of the stories may interest you. For instance the killer who baked her victims into cakes and then fed to her friends!!!!

Also Details of how you can win the autographed copy of Haunted Yorkshire by Nick Tyler.

EP58 Satan, Merlin And The Millennium Falcon With Mark Rees

a-z curious wales.jpg

This week Shelly and Bryce talk to author Mark Rees about his new book "The A-Z of Curious Wales: Strange Stories of Mysteries, Crimes and Eccentrics" We discuss curses, dragons, secret military operations and a UFO in Wales that turned out to be The Millennium Falcon.

Mark can be reached via his twitter feed @reviewwales and his book "The A-Z of Curious Wales: Strange Stories of Mysteries, Crimes and Eccentrics" can be found in all good bookshops and online. Here is a link to Amazon.…aps%2C270&sr=8-1

EP57 Haunted Yorkshire with Nick Tyler

Haunted Yorkshire.jpg

This week we talk to Author Nick Tyler about his new book "Haunted Yorkshire" and learn about some crazy hauntings like the hotel that people see on the side of the road that isn't really there.

To learn more about Nick and his work you can follow him via his facebook account:

Pre order “Haunted Yorkshire” now via: Amazon:…uf24la8GHXK1QrIM

EP56 Mysterious Mountain Mysteries


This week Shelly and Bella discuss some stage happenings around the Appalachian mountains. Stories like the one about the ethereal choir that sing while accompanied by harps!!!!

Bella was responsible for the title ;)

EP55 Historic Fails


An unplanned, off the cuff episode with Shelly and Bella where they talk about historic failures some of which are truly criminal.

EP54 What Scares You?


This episode Shelly and Bella talk about some of the lesser known Phobias. What scares you? Vegetables?

Spoo-Fads has been created for entertainment purposes only by Shelly, no offence is intended to any person or product and accents or voices are not impersonations of any person, if there is any likeness to an individual it is purely coincidence.

EP53 Finding UFOs With Richard Lennie


This episode Shelly and Bella talk to researcher and Ufologist Richard Lennie about how he observes and tracks UFO's.

Richard can be found giving talks around the world on viewing unexplained craft and we learn how we could also get to see these objects for ourselves.

To learn more about Richard please visit his facebook page

EP52 Mark Anthony Wyatt

Mark Anthony Wyatt.jpg

This week Shelly and Bella talk to author, researcher and amateur musician Mark Anthony Wyatt about his new book Cornwall The Mystery, History, Legend and Lore.

The book contains everything anybody who is interested in UFO’s, Ghosts or Cryptids would find fascinating.

The book is due out anytime now, check out our website for more info on the release date when we get it or email Mark at

EP51 MOMO With Lyle Blackburn


This week Shelly and Bella talk to Lyle Blackburn author of MOMO The strange case of the Missouri Monster.

You can learn more about Lyle and his work at

You can buy his books here
Or via Amazon or your favourite book store.

EP50 Are Aliens Really Us? - With Dr Michael P Masters

Identified Flying Objects.jpg

This week Shelly and Bella talk to Dr Michael P Masters about his theory on how Aliens could actually be our distant descendants travelling back in time.

Dr. Michael P. Masters is a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana. He received a Ph.D. in Anthropology from The Ohio State University in 2009, where he specialized in human evolutionary anatomy, archaeology, and biomedicine.

Dr. Masters spent the following decade developing a broad academic background that unites the fields of anthropology, astronomy, astrobiology and physics, to examine the premise that UFOs and Aliens are simply our distant human descendants, returning from the future to study us in their own hominin evolutionary past.

His new book, Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon, challenges readers to consider new possibilities while cultivating conversations about our ever-evolving understanding of time and time travel.

Links from the show:


EP49 Dreams & More With David Bedrick

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This week Shelly and Bella talk Dreams and much more with our special guest David Bedrick

Links from the show:…&s=gateway&sr=8-1…&s=gateway&sr=8-2

EP48 The Roadmap of British Ghosts with Ruth Roper Wylde


This Episode Shelly and Bella talk to Ruth Roper Wylde about her new book "The Roadmap of British Ghosts".

To connect with Ruth or buy any or all of her books follow the links below.…ine_cont_ebooks_1

EP47 with Paul Sinclair - Truth Proof

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This week Shelly and Bella talk about what is possibly the UK's answer to the Skinwalker Ranch with Paul Sinclair the Author and Researcher behind the Truth Proof books.


Links from the show:…rtalEnabled=true

EP46 Living with a Haunting


This week Shelly and Bella talk to a lady called Harmonie who has been living with a haunting. You can follow her on instagram

EP45 Dr Penny Sartori on Near Death Experiences

Penny Sartori.png

This week Shelly and Bella talk to Dr Penny Sartori on the focus of her research and PHD on Near Death Experiences.

Links from the show:…kwd-301332307916…1R&ds_rl=1235779

Title music by Bill Blair check out his other work and contact him via his youtube channel

Logo by Heidi from Angelbot3d check out her work and contact her at

EP44 Lake Avalon Entertainment

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This week we talk to the cast and crew of Lake Avalon Entertainment, the creators of Nightshade and A Very Deep Well. They have also created a special episode just for us called "Mark Twain at the Pearly Gates".

You can find out more about Lake Avalon Entertainment and their shows by going to

EP43 Andrew McGrath Beasts of Britain

Beasts of Britain.jpg

This week we talk to Andy McGrath author of the Beasts of Britain.

To find out more about Andy and his work you can find him at:…th/dp/1549938983

EP42 Marie D Jones The Disaster Survival Guide


This week Shelly talks to best selling author Marie D Jones about her book "The Disaster Survival Guide, how to prepare for and survive floods, fires, earthquakes and more."